Halfcraft is a Minecraft command block module created by koder.

Halfcraft allows you to free any block from the grid, then move the blocks around the world pixel by pixel. Halfcraft's 'free blocks' can be moved inside and through blocks, and can be stood upon like a regular block. Halfcraft can be used to create working slabs, stairs and all kinds of shapes using any block you like.

All commands, videos and resources related to Halfcraft can be found on this page.

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Command 1:
Command 2:
Extension Command:

Page 1

Open your Mineraft world.

Make sure Allow Cheats is set to ON.

Open your chat and type this in to get a command block:

/give @s minecraft:command_block

Page 2

Find somewhere spacious in your world to set up the Halfcraft command module.
Make sure it's in the spawn chunks or other constantly loaded chunks.

Place down your command block, keeping in mind the module will spawn south of the command block.

Page 3

Copy Command 1 by clicking on the highlighted text box above to select the command then copying it through right click -> copy or ctrl+c/cmd+c.

Now paste it into the command block you placed down earlier.

Click the Needs Redstone button so it changes to Always Active.

Now click Done, and the first half of the module will set up.

Page 4

Repeat this step with Command 2 by clicking on the highlighted text box above to select the command then copying it, again through right click -> copy or ctrl+c/cmd+c, then pasting it into the same command block you pasted the first command in.

Click the Needs Redstone button so it changes to Always Active.

Click Done, and the module is now installed!

Although at this point Halfcraft's base functionality is there, it supports very few blocks. To fix this, continue on to the next page to install the extension, which will allow you to free most common blocks from the grid.

Page 5

Place down a new command block for the extension.

Make sure you don't put your new command block somewhere too close to the Halfcraft module, or the extension will generate inside the main module and break it!

I recommend putting the command block on the top of the main module to generate the extension above it.

Copy the highlighted text box above labeled Extension Command and paste it into a new command block.

Once again change Needs Redstone to Always Active, and click Done, and you have installed the extension!

Now the extension is installed, you can work with a lot more blocks. Click the Show supported blocks text below to see a full list of all blocks supported, with and without the extension.

Show supported blocks

Extension Generator

The extension generator will generate a custom extension for any block of your choosing, allowing you to free your chosen block from the grid.
Input a block name and data value into the two text fields below, then click on the large text box underneath to select the generated command.
Copy the command, then paste it into a command block in your Minecraft world. Activate that command block, and it will set up the custom extension.


Halfcraft 2.1 is compatible with Minecraft 1.12 only. Older and newer versions of Minecraft are not supported.
Halfcraft is both singleplayer and multiplayer compatible, and is compatible with any and all resource packs.
Halfcraft is not compatible with plugins!


In your inventory, you should find a Halfcraft Multitool. You can also right-click the [MULTITOOL] sign on the front of the module to recieve one.
Right-click a block with the Halfcraft Multitool. This will 'pop' the block out of the grid, raising it by half a block as well.
This will create what looks and functions just like a slab, but it is still the size of a full block. However, this full block is no longer aligned to the grid.
Now that the block has been freed from the grid, it can be moved around with pixel perfect precision.
Punch the 'free block' to select it. A menu will open up in the chat, giving you three options: [Nudge], [Erase] and [Deselect] Each of those options can be used on all selected blocks or just the most recently selected block.
[Deselect] simply deselects the block. [Erase] causes the block to fall until it hits the ground and turns back into a normal block. [Nudge] lets you move the block.
The nudge menu allows you to shift the position of the free block in all 6 directions, each button color-coded like the debug cursor for ease of use.
The number on the right controls how far the block shifts per click, and the arrows above and below allow you to change that number.